Commercial Cleaning Consulting

We provide hands-on services that allow organizations to capture top talent for key projects as it is needed. Most services are provided directly by principal consultant Michael Knight, a recognized leader in the development and management of high performance commercial cleaning systems. Better World’s services are first quality, reliable and proven to help businesses grow, become more efficient, reduce risks and improve the bottom line.

The Washing Up Boy at the Pub by Chardin

Our Approach

We believe cleaning is an honorable profession. We insist on dealing with all stakeholders legally and ethically and with dignity and respect. We do not promise success in every opportunity, but we do guarantee satisfaction with everything we deliver. If we don’t help you, don’t pay us.

We understand successful and efficient cleaning involves both art and science. It is at its core an unruly amalgam of varied human effort and precise engineering. Our programs succeed because they appropriately blend objective design with subjective reality.

For most projects we utilize the DMAIC system from Six Sigma methodology for process improvement – Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, and Control. Our deliverables are documented and designed to meet the SMART test – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Applying this approach to cleaning, while always accounting for the human element, has proven to yield substantial, positive results.

How it Works

The typical process of engagement is as follows:

1.  Execute confidentiality agreement (client form or Better World Consulting form).

2.  No-cost initial phone consultation and evaluation of your needs or project.

3.  Follow up with sample reports and references as needed.

4.  Establish objectives, deadlines, and cost estimates. Rates are typically by the day,
     project, or ongoing retainer, plus expenses.

5.  Execute Better World Consulting Professional Services Agreement.

6.  Make great things happen!