For Building Owners and Managers

Surveys show that most facility managers are not well satisfied with their cleaning, yet most also believe change is more trouble than it is worth. Cleaning affects every person in your organization every day and is a major component of facility operating costs, yet is generally out of sight and out of mind. Better World Consulting offers a cost-effective way to improve the cleaning function, lower costs, and mitigate the risks of change. We provide well-respected, un-biased expertise to affect positive changes while relieving your staff of the hassle and challenge. Our input is proven to pay for itself many times over.

     The Scullery Maid by Chardin


  • Cleaning Program Analysis & Design
  • Objective Evaluation of Existing Services
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities & Strategies
  • Guidance, Training & Support for In-house Operations
  • Scope of Work & Specification Development
  • Space Inventory & Facility Measurement
  • Bid Process Management
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Inspection
  • Disaster Planning, Management & Recovery
  • Cleaning Program Enhancements for Sustainability and LEED Certification
  • Architectural and Interior Design Support to Minimize Ongoing Cleaning Costs
  • Expert Witness